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The New York City Police Department Cadet Corps Essay

Upon returning from my deployment to Iraq, I applied and was accepted into the New York City Police Department Cadet Corps program. I worked with the Community Affairs Unit as a liaison to youth and elderly residents of New York City Housing Authority and as an administrative assistant organizing crime statistics. Wanting a broader understanding of the systems and policies that directly and indirectly influenced people, I pursued a degree in social work. Rather than just enforce laws, I hoped to collaborate with civilians to find more sustainable, practical solutions to their domestic problems, recidivism, alcoholism, and general discontent. Immediately after graduating with my Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, I began the NYPD police academy. I was eager to incorporate social work and police work. I felt I could concurrently enforce the law, provide counseling, help families resolve conflict, and get youth the services they required. Reality set in when I hit the streets of the most impoverished neighborhoods of New York. My eyes were opened to the realities of the justice system. Privilege, poverty, oppression, race, and power struggles became themes that I encountered daily. Aspiring to be a social worker, I realized that my job title didn’t fit the description and that my hands were tied. I could help people, but there were so many other things to consider. I was there to enforce the law and do it tactically. Sometimes, with no time to have any other form ofShow MoreRelatedThe Civil Air Patrol During World War II Essays1637 Words   |  7 PagesWilson, foresaw the importance that Cap would play in protecting the waters along the coast from the dreaded German U-boats attacking the shipping lanes. Sixty years later the CAP is still going strong. Performing its missions of aerospace education, cadet programs and search and rescue, CAP is preparing today’s youth to become successful leaders. This was not all that CAP has done. In the beginning of its creation, CAP played a major role in the defense of the U.S. during World War II. CAP playedRead More Depicting the Various Traits and Characteristics of Leadership in Literature4045 Words   |  17 Pageseffective leader.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   William Bratton, born and raised in Boston, was appointed as New York City’s new police commissioner by Mayor Rudolph Giuliani on December 2, 1993. William Bratton was a leader who spent his whole life turning around low-performing, dysfun-ctional police departments. It was his specialty and it soon became his trademark. Bill Bratton hit the ground running as the commissioner of police by implementing several policies and visions that he had, that many believed would be unfathomableRead MoreMg352 - Principles of Management Applied Research Essay4500 Words   |  18 PagesPrinciples of management APPLIED RESEARCH Pleasant Valley Police Department Thomas Donnelly Karl Hartenstine Park University Internet Campus A course paper presented to the School for Arts and Sciences and Distance Learning in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Baccalaureate Principles of Management Park University November, 2011 TABLE OF CONTENTS Read MoreImportant Law Enforcement Facts19721 Words   |  79 Pages | |   | |Crime fighting has taken its toll. Since the first recorded police death in 1792, there have been more that 16,500 law enforcement| |officers killed in the line of duty. | |   Read MoreExploring Corporate Strategy - Case164366 Words   |  658 Pagesfurniture giant News Corporation – corporate logic and corporate management in a worldwide media business. CRH – impressive international growth of an Irish company driven from a ‘lean’ corporate centre. Numico – difficulties with diversification for a Dutch nutritional products company. AIB – competing in the global banking industry: the challenges for a mid-size bank. SABMiller – an African brewer takes on the world: learning to thrive in difficult circumstances. MacPac – from a New Zealand start-upRead MoreHuman Resources Management150900 Words   |  604 Pagesaffecting performance in organizations, both large and small. A joint venture between General Electric and a Japanese company, GE Fanuc is a manufacturer of factory automation and control products. Headquartered in Virginia with 1,500 employees, t he HR department primarily performed administrative support activities. But when Donald Borwhat, Jr., took over as Senior Vice President of Human Resources, he and his staff began by restructuring and decentralizing the HR entity so that each functional area ofRead MoreContemporary Issues in Management Accounting211377 Words   |  846 PagesAccounting Edited by ALNOOR BHIMANI 1 Great Clarendon Street, Oxford ox2 6dp Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide in Oxford New York Auckland Cape Town Dar es Salaam Hong Kong Karachi Kuala Lumpur Madrid Melbourne Mexico City Nairobi New Delhi Shanghai Taipei Toronto With oYces in Argentina Austria Brazil Chile Czech Republic France Greece GuatemalaRead MoreDeveloping Management Skills404131 Words   |  1617 Pages DEVELOPING MANAGEMENT SKILLS EIGHTH EDITION David A. Whetten BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY Kim S. Cameron UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN Prentice Hall Boston Columbus Indianapolis New York San Francisco Upper Saddle River Amsterdam Cape Town Dubai London Madrid Milan Munich Paris Montreal Toronto Delhi Mexico City Sao Paulo Sydney Hong Kong Seoul Singapore Taipei Tokyo Editorial Director: Sally Yagan Editor in Chief: Eric Svendsen Acquisitions Editor: Kim Norbuta Editorial Project Manager:Read MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 Pages Organizational Behavior EDITION 15 Stephen P. Robbins —San Diego State University Timothy A. Judge —University of Notre Dame i3iEi35Bj! Boston Columbus Indianapolis New York San Francisco Upper Saddle River Amsterdam Cape Town Dubai London Madrid Milan Munich Paris Montreal Toronto Delhi Mexico City Sao Paulo Sydney Hong Kong Seoul Singapore Taipei Tokyo Editorial Director: Sally Yagan Director of Editorial Services: Ashley Santora Acquisitions Editor: Brian Mickelson Editorial

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Zara Company Free Essays

string(104) " has significant implications for the determination of marketing strategy\)†Fahy Jobber, N\." Introduction The United Arab of Emirates is always open to local and international markets, and keeps abreast of the continuous change in the marketing environment. The economy in the UAE is very strong as it ranks in the world market and compete with major countries. People in these days consider more about fashion and they try to follow any new lines of fashion because they care about elegance and everything that can make them beautiful. We will write a custom essay sample on Zara Company or any similar topic only for you Order Now Zara is a brand that can satisfied people especially in the UAE because it products many of unique clothes, bags and shoes in a good price to be one of famous brand and known in the world. Spanish brand and one of a famous brand in the world which that is specialized in clothing and it founded by Ortega Goanna and Rosalie Mere in 1975. Brief background information about the brandZara is Spanish brand and one of a famous brand in the world which that is specialized in clothing and it founded by Ortega Goanna and Rosalie Mere in 1975. Zara known as one of the big and major selling brands and fashion retailer in the world and it is available in 86 countries in the world like Spanish which has a big number of Zara’s shop, Germany, Morocco and the UAE. Zara has around 1763 shops around the world which can make a big seller and profit for Zara. Zara started to be distributed in 1957 for different countries in the world and they opened there shops in the Middle East during 1998 until 2000 in different countries such as the UAE, Kuwait and Egypt. Zara has different lines fashion for different categories like male, female and kids too and they focus on fast and practical fashion which is product in weeks. Consumer product There several useful product that Zara provides to its customers. However, we chose makeup for women. We as female like to wear makeup always and we want Zara to produce those product because of the quality of their products. Like foundation is important one and lipsticks and mascara those are the main. These product will serve women specific the young girl because they like beauty cosmetics. The strength is the quality that Zara use with manufacturing its product so customer won’t suffer from it although the weakness is the competitors like HM they offer makeup for their customer with high quality and lower prices. B- Marketing Opportunities We have some idea, it will help Zara shop to improve and be better they can attract the customers through price cut and build more Zara shop in many different places it will be easy to visit this shop and buy more products, I think when Zara shop do the offers that will help them to find many customers. Product development is the creation of products with new or different characteristics that offer new or additional benefits to the customer, the process consists of the following stages coming up with a product idea, researching the idea, designing and planning.   Primary Research We evaluated the survey of people opinions about Zara. A total of twenty response, seventy five percent (75) were female. And twenty- five (25) percent were male. Most people were between two and thirteenth, and few of them were between fourteenth and twenty. We analyze the response in orders of question, and it turned out a huge amount of people prefer to visit Zara more than the other shop because they have excellent products. Not also they own one but even they think it reliable. From the study, most people who responded agrees to buy a product from Zara greater than the other products. According to the survey a small percentage of people are willing to buy this moment. On the other hand, slight amount of people is not interested in purchasing more products because it is very expensive and some people they don’t have the Zara shop in your country. Or it depends on some people taste and that’s why they don’t see Zara shop as a first choice. However, Zara company improve their products and service quality to coming up with a product. Marketing opportunities: The marketing opportunity is â€Å"A potentially favorable condition in which a business can capitalize on a changing trend or an increasing demand for a product by a demographic group â€Å"(Investors words, N.D).We think marketing opportunity linked to its productivity development. When it is at a high level, Zara’s profit will continue growth. The companies compete with each other, and they almost have the same competitive opportunities. The development, diversification, and innovation help the Zara and other companies to protect the opportunities of competitive.Human capital as well as technology information allow Zara to respond to the demand for its customer better than other companies (Lee.J, 2015). The clothes, perfume and chose industry need to understand the marketing opportunity to be in a good position in the market. There are many things that help Zara company to have a good marketing opportunity such as technological innovation and diversification. Innovation:The strategy of developing ideas that create value which is modern and suitable for people. When Zara’s company create creative and innovative ideas in its product and services, it attracts its customer to come to the shop and by more. We are now in the era of innovation, so all people look forward exotic and creative things. Diversification:Diversification is an administrative method that gathers many investments in one portfolio.Zara Design team are producing 18.000 different model of clothes per year, that’s about 70 every working day in a continuous process (7 innovation, 2013). Existing market segment and new market segment:We think new market segment attract people to come to the shop and buy because in these time people like the trend things. The existing market segment will not be developed and suitable for everybody. Segmentation and Targeting: â€Å"The identification of individuals or organization with a similar characteristic that has significant implications for the determination of marketing strategy)†Fahy Jobber, N. You read "Zara Company" in category "Papers"D).Marketing segmentation helps Zara Company to support profit and economic growth, improve customer retention, and more effective targeting of communication. The clothing is changing every day which means the targeted consumer would need to be following the current fashion trends.We can divide consumer segmentation to behavioral, psychographic and profile. Behavioral:The objective of Zara Company is to increase customer equity and customer satisfaction, so the company tries to do research that improves products and services and pay attention to occasions. For example in AlEad they introducing a new collection. Geographic:Zara Company opens many branches in our country to facilitate access to it. And also open the branches in the places that are suitable for people regarding weather and safety. Demographic:Zara opens its branches in the area of population concentration such as malls, to be easy for the customer to buy. If Zara opens its branches in the place that’s far from the population density, this will cause problems such as loss. Customer profile:The age range of Zara’s customer is various, and it includes children, teens and adults. The more age group buy from Zara are between 18-40 years. They have mid-range income which makes them able to purchase. Also, they are interested in fashion trends.(Lee, J.2015). Application of the marketing mix: All markets applies marketing mix to promote their brand or product. The 4Ps make up a typical marketing mix; product, price, place, promotion. Zara provides various products for their customers. Also the main strength and power of Zara Company is that it’s able to react quickly to the latest highly fashion, season needs and customer needs whether products or services. The following are the products line in Zara product mix; Clothes for men, women and kids Perfumes Shoes for men, women and kids 6.1 Product We want to develop a new product that Zara Company doesn’t considered about that is Makeup moreover Zara customers most of them are women they are loyal. As we see here the UAE community like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah are developed and civilized, and they’re in line with the latest trends in fashion specially the females, they like modern, show, painting and to wear makeup every day. Zara Company did researches and studies about launching makeup for women soon with high quality, professional and qualified workers, new features such us multi-tasking (foundation cream, lipsticks, mascara and eye shadow†¦) with suitable prices so clients could save money. The company is willing to spend lots of money on attractive advertisements for this new products. Cosmetics products serve women to look more shine and beautiful. As well as it will help them with suitable prices that we put. The products will have the brand logo and label, so that it distinguished from other makeup brands. However, the packaging it will be freak, clear and attractive also with low cost so the makeup won’t be expensive. 6.2 Proposed price:Zara sits the price range depends on some factors such as countries, economy and number of costs, so every country has a different price of Zara’s brand. Also, Germany has different prices from the UAE, so they have a high price for the products more than the UAE or other countries in the Middle East who have Zara Brand because the economy is different and the cost too. In addition, Zara tries to give people a good quality of clothes at affordable prices so that can bring a lot of profit for Zara. The pricing in Zara in the UAE is around 115AED – 500AED. Moreover, cosmetics like lipstick is 29 AED, blusher 20 AED, foundation 80 AED, eyeshadow plate 55 AED and mascara 32 AED. Value: Zara gives people one of the unique and fashionable clothes in the world with good price that all people can buy. Zara uses pull system in their stores and produce a small quantity of each style because of big numbers of styles that they produce each month. Zara uses a good manufacturing method to avoid any threat that they face such as some disruptions because the weather and factory problems which can effect on the production. In addition, it is an important for any company to build their values to make their brand one of the famous brand in the world, so Zara makes this value by the trust with their customers and give them a good quality of clothes. The value in Zara is around 13 billion in a year and more than 3 million customers around the world. Cost:The high cost requires a lot of money and profit to make a sustainable profitability. The advertising and store promotion cost 3.5% from their revenue, the company does not cost alt of money on their advertising but they said that the company invested around 450$ million on commercials and logistics area. In addition, the sales index’s increased to 6%. Competitor: There are a lot of competitors of Zara such as HM and Mango because they are two big companies that can make some challenge to Zara. There are some similarity and difference between these three companies such as Zara is product fast fashion for different categories like male, female and kids and HM products for the same categories too but for practical and fashionable designs but Mango is special for only male and female without kids. The distribution in the world, HM has more distributed in the world more than Zara and Mango so that can effect on the number of the profit too because HM has a big profit in a year more than these two. The competitors also provide the similar techniques of promotion but Zara have to create creative and innovative promotion .For example in occasion it provide new collection with a good prices. 6.3 Proposed place:There are a lot of methods that Zara uses to be more distributed like having a lot of retail outlets in different countries.Also, Spain has a big number of Zara’s shops in the world, so this is a kind of exclusive distribution. In UAE we have many stores of Zara which are located in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, AlAin and Sharjah. The survey results show that Zara company should open new brunches like in Fujairah and Ajman. We prefer to open Zara in each city in UAE because to make it easy to access to it.We also think that Zara has to open new section which is Makeup. Makeup attracts women to come and buy. Because of the quality and suitable prices that will support people to buy.If Zara makes offers this will cause more distribution and this will help Zara to be more effective. 6.4 Proposed promotion: The brand should focus on promotion to be more famous in the world and because a lot of people these days use the internet and websites to do shopping and see the new products so the brand should focus on website, some application like Facebook and Instagram help Zara to have a lot of customers from different countries. Nowadays, people use social media all the time, Zara has to join to social media to attract people by commercial advertising in Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Moreover, release posters on the streets. Finally, they can put an advertisement in the cinema and television. In Dubai shopping festival, Zara takes the advantage of the opportunity and make offers that are the local people and foreigners happy with it. Conclusion Our report maintains data that we collected about Zara brand and how it began, who is the founder of, where is it location. Zara known as brand that has high quality of products and services that is it provides and manufacture. Zara organization is successful and the best brand between its competitors’ and has huge number of clients. Also the Zara company continues to develop itself always in order to not lose the customers. The prices are reachable and suitable for all people. We included primary research a questionnaire survey to get the evaluation of Zara from people. References group, i. w. (n.d.). Market opportunity. Retrieved from investors world:, 7. (2013, November 13). Process Innovation – Zara. Retrieved from 7 innovation:, J. Y. (2015, May 12). Final zara marketing strategy . Retrieved from slide share:, G. (2014, October 20). How Zara became the world’s biggest fashion retailer. Retrieved April 17, 2018, from Appendices: questionnaire 1. -clothes-shoes-perfumes 2. Do you think Zara shop prices suit everybody?-Yes-NO-Not sure3. Do you prefer or suggest to open new branch in your city?-Yes-No-Not sure4. Are you loyal customer to Zara store (e.g. have a customer card)?-yes-No-Not sure5. Are you satisfied with products and services that offered by Zara?-Yes-No-Not sure 6. What do you think of the quality of Zara products? -Excellent-Good-Poor-Very bad7. How often do you visit Zara? -weekly-monthly-once in a Yearly8. Does Zara’s promotions attract you to come and buy?-yes-No-Somehow 9. What is special about Zara?-quality -prices-It offers all type of product (Perfumes, Bags, Dress and choses).10. Does Zara Company improve their products and services quality?-yes-No-Not sure How to cite Zara Company, Papers

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Understanding Playwork Principles free essay sample

Briefly explain why it is important that the team work together when supporting children and young people’s play. (3 marks) The team needs to be aware of all the children situations, to all work in the same direction and provide a common and strong support or pace of action. Moreover, through observing kid’s needs, the team can share what they have spotted and thereafter set the play setting according to their needs, likes and dislikes. At the same time, the team is responsible to act collaboratively to keep the space safe and â€Å"organised† for the kids to enjoy fully of their time to play and take the most of it, for the same reason the team needs to be ready to respond, trigger and challenge to children’s cues. 2. Briefly explain the role of playworkers acting as advocates for play. (3 marks) As advocates for play, we have to enrich the child’s play environment by: †¢offering, encouraging and providing play opportunities taking into account their individual and collective needs, †¢ Providing equal opportunities for every kid no matter their backgrounds or health conditions. Listening to their interests and ideas, responding to their requests and challenging, †¢Supporting and enriching their development. †¢Observing any indicator that may suggest they are suffering from any abuse or being neglected and take action to protect and help them. †¢Developing a child centre approach and self-directive play 3. Explain three different methods a playwork team can use to support children and young people’s play. (3 marks) †¢OBSERVATION: observing children in their play process to see: -Their development (social, emotional, individual, intellectual,.. -Check the resources provided to support their needs. Assessing, afterwards, these observations to improve the weak points and enhance the strong ones. Check we have displayed enough resources and whether the set plan is useful and cover kid’s needs. -Observe our intervention towards responding to children’s cues, whether we are interfering or not and whether we are supporting kid’s needs in the right way or if they could be improved. -Check we are fulfilling health and safety policies and risk assessment appropriately, keep them up to date and modify them whenever it is necessary. †¢PLANNING and PROCURING RESOURCES: Setting a plan covering the five areas of development (SPICE) as the setting allows us and responding to children’s requests according to their ages, ensuring we are supporting and covering their needs as well as offering equal opportunities, taking into account: -Health and safety and risk assessments -The display of the resources respecting different areas of play (relax corner, building games, reading corner, art table, dolls, fancy dresses, tents,. ) -The kids have access to all resources, eliminating (reducing) all possible barriers that may prevent any of them to enjoy of their self- directed freely chosen play. . Explain the importance of balancing the needs and rights of individual children and young people with the needs and rights of others. (3 marks) Every kid and person must be respected and protected as an individual with his/her own specific needs and characteristics, who at the same time will be socialising with other individuals and their needs and personalitie s. Thus, when all being together we have to ensure that we are supporting them as individuals as the same time we offer them a comfortable environment to develop their socialising skills 5. Explain three ways playworkers can have an impact on the play space. 3 marks) 1. Providing a welcoming and nice environment for the kids, task setting, and clean, inviting and safe space. 2. Taking part or stepping back on their play. Getting involve when they require, that is, responding to their cues and observe when they are enjoying on their own and do not need us. 3. Playworkers’ skills: personal and professional, playwork features and qualities: active, observer, with initiative, approachable, compromise, funny, predispose, challenging, aware we are models for the kids, willingness to improve and extend knowledge and training 6. Explain three ways children and young people’s play can have an impact on members of the playwork team. (3 marks) Every way in which children and young people? s play will have an impact on us, being it positive or negative. Nevertheless, when children or young people are playing showing negative aspects towards other kids or member of the staff, such as the followings, will affect us in a way that we will have to intervene in their play or take further action: Violence: if the children are playing in such a way (being it verbal, psychological or physical) they are bullying other child/children involved in the play. The fact that they are using such behaviour show that they may be living in an environment with violence and abuse, or they may be experiencing some personal difficulties, and thus they are reproducing, copying and realising their anger in they play setting. If it would be happening, we will have to check the kids involved are safe and take action and find out why this person is behaving in such a way a provide him/her the way to sort it out and safeguard and support him/her. Depending on the matter, after it being discussed in the staff meeting and being reported, it would have to be passed to social services, child protection if it was required. -Sexual implications: That is true that in children and young people there is a biological process of discovery of their and other? s sexuality. Nonetheless, it can happen that some children or young people show inappropriate behaviours towards other kids or young people, not being in line with their ages. For example, using sexual language, doing explicit games between them or in front of some other or to other kids. If this would happen, we will have to intervene and find out why that person behaves in that way because it would be a sign of abuse in their home or surroundings. So, we will have to report it and take further action talking to social services, family. -Discrimination: If the children or young people are discriminating others, being through their play, behaviour or language because of, for example, the other kids’ origin, culture, language, social background, appearance or any disability, they are mistreating them and breaking their responsibility towards their rights. Thus, we will intervene to find out why this person is behaving in such disrespectful way, bearing in mind that it may be caused by issues back at their homes, some problems at the school, or going through a personal difficult moment- 7. Briefly explain the concept of ‘leadership’ within the context of a playwork team. (3 marks) Playwork team good leadership will offer quality to kids and parents. All members of the staff fulfil leading roles in different ways and are involved in the improvement of the process. Debbie Garvey and Andrea Lancaster, 2010) In the case of the supervisor the following skill, abilities, qualities and responsibilities would make will make it successful: -Organisational ability, approachable, good listener, acting responsible and following procedures, fair, committed, aware and applying health/s and safeguarding policies(as well as they are being fulfil by everybody), carrying a good practice of the playwork principles and children? rights, contr olling and problem solving. -Lead the team in a horizontal and communicative way as well as assigning tasks to the member of the team in a fair, equalitarian and respectful way. Listening to the team? s needs and suggestions, helping them to improve (appraisals). -Updating training, reflective practice and assessments. -Dealing with kids, team, parents, school, office and external bodies (social services, hospital†¦) to support them and keep the confidentiality. In the case of the playworkers, following their supervisor guidance and instructions and respecting him/er as such, they also develop leading roles in the sense that they are active participants with in the play setting and team; leading play provisions and ideas, carrying out duties on the checking of the play setting and its safety as well as the kid? s one, in addition to their initiative, observations and commitment.

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Natural Disasters and Supply Chains

Abstract This paper examines the system of procurement and supply and the effects natural disasters have on supply chains and buyers. It elaborates on the situations that manufacturers face when encountering natural disasters. Finally it elaborates on possible supply chain strategies that can be employed in order to avoid future problems as a result of natural disasters.Advertising We will write a custom term paper sample on Natural Disasters and Supply Chains specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More While there are a variety of possible solutions available to prevent interruptions in the supply chain they are not without significant setbacks. The inherent problem with trying to prevent any and all supply chain interruptions while taking into account the possibility of natural disasters is the fact that there are too many factors at work to actually create a 100% effective plan that can mitigate and all problems. The best possible solutio n would be diversify the supply chain to such an extent to ensure that production does not stop completely should a supplier be affected by a natural disaster. Introduction The concepts of procurement, production and purchase are at the very core of the global economic market, these consist of raw material suppliers, manufacturers and then consumers who help drive the global economy. The fact is, not all companies are able to extract raw materials, convert it and turn it into a product that is commercially viable. Each type of company specializes in accomplishing a specific type of economic activity, in the case of the manufacturing industry this specialization is divided into three distinct categories namely that of a raw materials supplier, a components manufacturer and a final product maker. The reasoning behind this separation is based on the fact that it is far more profitable for companies to focus on a specialization that they are good at rather than attempt to diversify into other aspects of the production process. Such a system thus results in a single product being produced as a result of each company’s specialization culminating into the creation of a finished product. While each individual product has its own unique manufacturing process all of them share the same dependence on the concept of the procurement supply chain where each stage in the process is an integral part in helping the product come together (Shuguang, 2010).Advertising Looking for term paper on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More It is due to this that the question of what would happen to the supply chain once an integral link in the process be removed comes to mind as a result of some unforeseen external event (Shuguang, 2010). One of the inherent problems with doing business in the current global system is the fact that unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters (i.e. tsunamis, earthquakes, floods etc.) have a distinctly negative effect on the supply chains for most businesses. As such, it is necessary to determine how natural disasters impact supply chains and what processes can be done to prevent the possible collapse of the chain as a result of such unforeseen factors. Understanding the Effect of Natural Disasters on the Process of Procurement Production processes are not as robust as most people tend to believe, in fact they are quite vulnerable due to their dependence on a continuous stream of raw materials and components, their labor force and the lastly a constant supply of fuel/energy in order to keep production facilities running (Stecke Kumar, 2009). If you take even a single aspect of the operation out of the equation, such as the labor force, raw materials and components or even the fuel/electricity, the entire process quickly breaks down and production grinds to a halt. The inherent problem with natural disasters is the fact that they affect all component s of the production process in unique ways and as a result their occurrence is detrimental to the efficient production of various goods (Stecke Kumar, 2009). Effect on Supply Lines When natural disasters happen, the supply of raw materials that goes into the production line stops completely. The reasoning behind this is simple, natural disasters prevent accessibility to various areas due to the destruction of roads, bridges and debris that are a common place occurrence after a natural disaster strikes (Bunkley, 2011). As such, supply trucks that would normally be able to reach the manufacturing complexes are unable to go through which prevents the delivery of goods (Bunkley, 2011). Raw material suppliers are also reluctant to send supply trucks immediately after a natural disaster has occurred due to the possibility of a recurrence. Another factor to consider is that raw material supplies do not always come from local suppliers but can also come from international sources. The prob lem with this is that the various docks and piers designated for the offloading of cargo may have been affected by the natural disaster itself which creates a certain amount of difficulty in terms of getting the raw materials off of a ship and towards a production complex.Advertising We will write a custom term paper sample on Natural Disasters and Supply Chains specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The raw material suppliers themselves could have also been affected by the tsunami resulting in their own facilities receiving considerable damage which further complicates their capacity to be able to send raw materials to their various clients (Winslow, 2011). Effect on Labor When natural disasters strike their effect on local populations can be devastating with possible casualty rates escalating from hundreds to possibly thousands of individuals. In such cases it is likely that workers from the factory could have been affected by the di saster and as such this directly affects the production capability of the production facility (Financial performance, 2006). It is unlikely that a factory located near a natural disaster would force their workers to come work in light of the disaster that just occurred. Without workers production screeches to a halt until either it has been determined that it is safe for production to continue or new workers are hired to replace those that died. In such cases where a large percentage of the worker population has died this affects the production capacity of the factory until such a time that a new workforce can be adequately trained to match the capabilities of the old one. This process of transition can take months and as a result greatly reduces production capacity and the quality of finished products. Effect on Production Capability The 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan has revealed one crucial factor about natural disasters and their effect on production capability and that is the fact that even though a facility is located hundreds of miles away from where the disaster actually occurred there is still the possibility of the disaster affecting the production capability of the factory. This is based off the resulting effect natural disasters have on power grids and power lines (Lohr et al., 2011). The earthquake, tsunami and the damage to the Fukushima nuclear reactor that followed, impacted factories located as far away as Tokyo which is 135 miles away. These factories had to slash their production capabilities to almost 40% of what they are normally capable of doing due to the periodic power saving measures instituted by electric companies in order to prioritize more â€Å"essential† services (Lohr et al., 2011). As a result, factories located within the Tokyo and the surrounding areas are unable to meet their previous production target which creates problems for buyers who have come to rely on prompt delivery of their needed components (Bunkley, 2011).Advertising Looking for term paper on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Recommendation Possible Procurement Strategies to Avoid Supply Problems due to Natural Disasters There is an old saying that states that â€Å"you should not put all your eggs in one basket†, what this means for the strategy of procurement in light of the possibility of natural disasters is to diversify sourcing strategies in order to prevent the possibility of being supply blocked (Chopra Sodhi, 2004). There are several possible procurement strategies that could be employed in order to diversify supply lines for products however while each method does have its own merit it does also come with several negative aspects that should be taken into account before creating a procurement strategy that centers around them. The first strategy would be to diversify the supply of integral components through several suppliers in several regions and countries instead of a single main supplier for the component (Perry, 2007). The advantage of this method is that should the area of one sup plier be affected by a natural disaster the remaining supply lines would still be viable and could â€Å"pick up the slack† so to speak of the lost supply line (Perry, 2007). One problem with this method is the fact that by separating the amount of components supplied through several companies the company purchasing them actually loses out on potential bulk discount savings that could have come from ordering from a single company. Another problem to take note of when it comes to supply diversity is the possibility of shifting quality standards when sourcing from different companies from different locations. Companies have their own set of quality standards, business culture and safety regulations that they adhere to depending upon the region in question. For example, companies within China have a much lower degree of corporate social responsibility as compared to companies within Japan, the U.S. and various European countries. This would result in the components of the same p roduct being invariably better or worse than others. This of course creates a problematic situation for a company’s quality standards since the differences in component quality have to be taken into account during the quality control process. It is due to situations such as this that most companies prefer to source particular components from a single supplier. Not only does this resolve the issue regarding problems in the quality control process but it makes the production process that much cheaper. Another possibility that could be taken into consideration is that assuming the quality standards of the suppliers a company is sourcing a single component from are the same, the company could merely source the same component from different locations to avoid interruptions in the supply chain. The inherent problem with this situation is the differences in cost due to the distance of delivery. If a company were to source products from different suppliers yet all of them are located in the same general area this makes the concept of supply diversity useless since they would all be hit by the same natural disaster. One method around this would be source products from different regions or better yet different countries (Skoufias, 2003). The advantage of this method is that it would prevent natural disasters from hitting all suppliers at one time. As mentioned earlier, the problem with this is the differences in overall costs in delivery with some locations that are nearer obviously costing less than those that are far away. In cases such as this companies would then choose to have a majority of their supplied components coming from locations that are nearby thus lowering the cost of transportation (Skoufias, 2003). In this situation it is assumed that all components cost the same and that it is the cost of delivery that causes differences in prices. The inherent problem with this particular solution lies with the fact that too large of a percentage of component supply is isolated to nearby locations. if such locations were to be hit by a localized natural disaster more components would then have to be shipped from locations farther away which may or may not have the production capacity to meet the company’s needs. Another approach to the problem comes in the form of simply obtaining suppliers from locations that are not prone to natural disasters thus there would be little risk of disruptions. While this method of procurement is sound there is still a problem as to whether there would actually be a components manufacturer in an area that is not easily affected by natural disasters. Research into possible areas not directly affected by natural disasters shows that areas located in the Middle East have fewer natural disasters as compared to other locations around the world. Unfortunately their industries are neither agriculturally nor industrially based and as such would prove to be viable locations for sourcing if a company was deali ng with petroleum based products. If not, they would not prove to be useful at all. References Bunkley, N. (2011). Japan’s Automakers Expect Longer Delays. New York  Times. p. 1. Retrieved from EBSCOhost. Chopra, S., Sodhi, M.(2004). Managing Risk to Avoid Supply Chain Breakdown.  MIT Sloan Management Review, 46(1), 53-62. Retrieved from EBSCOhost. Financial performance. (2006). Supply chains after disruptions an event study. Supply  Chain Management, 11(1), 25-33. Retrieved from EBSCOhost. Lohr, S., Bunkley, N., Kopytoff, V. (2011). Supply Disruptions of Power and Water Threaten Japan’s Economy. New York Times. p. 1. Retrieved from EBSCOhost. Perry, M. (2007). Natural disaster management planning A study of logistics managers responding to the tsunami. International Journal of Physical Distribution   Logistics Management, 37(5), 409-433. Retrieved from EBSCOhost. Shuguang, L., Jun, L., Hayes, K. (2010). An agile and diversified supply chain reducing operati onal risks. Competitiveness Review, 20(3), 222-234. Retrieved from EBSCOhost. Skoufias, E. (2003). Economic Crises and Natural Disasters Coping Strategies and Policy Implications. World Development, 31(7), 1087. Retrieved from EBSCOhost. Stecke, K., Kumar, S. (2009). Sources of Supply Chain Disruptions Factors That Breed Vulnerability and Mitigating Strategies. Journal of Marketing Channels, 16(3), 193. Retrieved from EBSCOhost. Wimmer, S. (2000). Procurement Pros Stay Afloat in Wake of Natural Disasters.  Government Procurement, 8(2), 7. Retrieved from EBSCOhost. Winslow, G. (2011). Japan Quake Shakes TV Equipment Suppliers. Multichannel News, 32(12), 25. Retrieved from EBSCOhost. 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French Expressions With the Verb Rendre

French Expressions With the Verb Rendre The French verb rendre literally means to return and is also used in many idiomatic expressions. Learn how to give thanks, glorify, comply with orders, and more with this list of expressions with rendre. Possible meanings of rendre to give back, returnto administer (justice)to hand in (homework)to pay off (e.g., an experiment)to produce, make, yieldto repayto render (a thought, an expression)to surrenderto vomit Expressions with rendre rendre adjectiveto make (happy, scared, mad, etc.)rendre là ¢meto breathe ones lastrendre un culte to worshiprendre de la distance (running)to have a (distance) handicaprendre gloire to glorifyrendre gorgeto repay unfairly gotten gainsrendre grà ¢ces to give thanks torendre hommage to pay homage torendre honneur - rendre les derniers honneurs to pay tribute to - to pay the last tributes torendre du poids (horse-riding)to have a (weight) handicaprendre des pointsto give someone a head startrendre raison de quelque chose to give a reason for somethingrendre serviceto be a great help, to be handyrendre service quelquunto do someone a servicerendre le soupirto breathe ones last rendre visite quelquunto visit someonese rendre to go tose rendre lappel de quelquunto respond to someones appealse rendre lavis de quelquunto bow to someones advicese rendre compte deto realizese rendre levidenceto face factsse rendre aux ordresto comply with ordersse rendre aux prià ¨res de quelquun  Ã‚  to yield to someones pleasse rendre aux raisons de quelquunto bow to someones reasonsRendez-vous compte!Just imagine!Tu te rends compte?Can you imagine?

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Astro All Asia Networks ( DBA CONSULTANCY ) Assignment

Astro All Asia Networks ( DBA CONSULTANCY ) - Assignment Example Astro also runs production of films and its business ranges from commissioning and distribution of films. Its subsidiary Celestial Pictures own the largest film library in China. At present, Astro All Asia Networks is looking to expand its business in entertainment and media markets of the growing markets in Asia where there are ample scope of market penetration. Astro have invested in a joint venture of DTH services in India where the company envisages opportunity for growth. Apart from the opportunities, the threat to the company and concerns over its current positions are also important to study. Rationale of Study The rationale of the study is to examine the strategies of the Astro All Asia Networks in promoting its prospects of short term and long term growth. The current position of the company and the strategic methods of alliance for entering the foreign markets could be discovered with the help of this study. The study also provides an insight on the political, environmental , social, technological, economic and legal risk to which the company is exposed in its current business position. The strength, weakness, opportunities and threats to Astro could be analyzed with the help of this study. Significance of Study The significance of the study on Astro All Asia Networks and its current business position is that the performance of the company and its current position could be used to get an understanding of the position of media and entertainment industry. The threat of substitute products and services of the Astro could be analyzed with the help of this study. The emerging trends in the media and entertainment industry of Astro would provide information on the competitive market scenario. The current situation of Astro’s business could be analyzed to find the potential threats of the new market in the under-penetrated markets of Asia. Apart from this information on the bargaining power of the suppliers and the customers could also be obtained. Obj ectives of Study The objective of this study is to provide an insight to the managers of the concerns of the company, the emerging risks and threats to the business of the company. The study is aimed at investigating the threats of Astro’s business like the probabilities of convergence its businesses of digital media and entertainment with the business of computers, laptops and note books. The threats of World Wide Web to the business of Astro are also examined. The threats of mobile networks on the business of Astro are also examined with the help of this study. The study is also aimed at exploring possible weakness in terms of political, social and environmental exposure in the foreign markets for expansion activity. The technological, economic and legal challenges for Astro in its current situation are also investigated with the help of this study. Scope and Limitation of Study The scope of this study is that it provides an insight on the opportunities of expansion of Astr o All Asia Networks in Malaysia as well as in the under-penetrated markets of Asia. The possibilities for stabilization of acquisition cost of subscriber through its quality of services helps to judge the prospects of profitability of the company. T